Subaru 7 Seater SUV Replaces Tribeca SUV

Japanese automaker Subaru operates in the transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries. Cars of this company are very popular and respected in markets around the world. However, a large part of sales is directed to the most powerful global car market, US market. On this market, Subaru achieved excellent sales results. One of very popular model, is Subaru Tribeca full-size SUV. However, the Japanese car manufacturer ceased production of this model. The reason for this was the decline in sales in recent years. Now, Subaru is announced that the US market, will be available a brand new SUV, which will take the place of the popular Tribeca models. Subaru 7 Seater SUV is expected to roll out in North American showrooms in the beginning of 2018.

Subaru 7 Seater SUV will complement the offer crossover SUV model of this manufacturer, the US market. The new model will be positioned above the Outback, and Forester Crosstrek model in the Subaru lineup. The company stressed it will be a larger vehicle than the Tribeca, with full third-row capability, which means it will offer seating for seven or less likely, eight passengers.

2018 Subaru 7 Seater SUV

During 2015, Subaru has launched a new Exiga Crossover 7 for customers in the market of Japan. Many expected that this model will be adapted to the needs of US customers, and that if such appear on the US market. The company has denied this and pointed out that Exiga will not be the replacement for the Tribeca in North America because of its size. For the successor Tribeca SUV, Subaru is planning a larger vehicle that could be built in the United States.

2018 Subaru 7 Seater SUV Release

Subaru came from a statement that the new Subaru SUV that will replace the Tribeca will be built at the Subaru plant in Indiana. An official announcement on the start of production are presented, but it is expected that the successor Tribeca SUV, occurs later than 2018.

Also, the company announced that Subaru 7 Seater SUV will be dedicated exclusively to customers in the US market, where is SUV segment in constant development and growth. Customers in the market of Japan are getting sporty Subaru Exiga 7 SUV, while buyers in the market of Europe and Australia get their version of Subaru Levorg, sports tourer. These models are not available on the North American market. The new Subaru 7 Seater SUV will join a very successful Outback and Forester models in this market.

Subaru 7 Seater SUV

The Subaru 7 Seater SUV will help increase sales of Subaru models in the US market. The company did not succeed in this market and plans to sell 700,000 vehicles in the U.S. by 2017. The company has not dropped that name will carry the new model. However, they have announced that it will likely carry a name synonymous with outdoor adventure, consistent with the company’s other successful crossovers.

Subaru 7 Seater SUV Competition

The new Subaru 7 Seater SUV will be competing against Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Nissan Pathfinder, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot. The firm’s designers have a tough task ahead of him, because we need to create a vehicle that will be consistently Subaru brand, and different from other models that are currently available. We expect that the company will be able to realize all the plans for the 2018 Subaru 7 Seater SUV. It is only necessary to apply his famous recipe of success, quality and performance above all.

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