New 2019 Land Rover Defender Arrives in 2018

The successor to the legendary Land Rover Defender arrives 2018. After several delays, it was determined release date of the new generation of this model. Exactly after 70 years since the first appearance of this model, arrives new one, which will be significantly different from the existing. Although the successor to the current Defender arrives 2018, the company has received the news that it will carry a label 2019 Land Rover Defender.

The legendary Land Rover Defender is considered as one of the greats of the automobile industry. This epithet was deserved due to its outstanding off-road performance. In 1948, Defender was represented for the first time. Since then, the car has undergone minimal change their appearance. In addition to its distinctive design, the Defender applies to off-road vehicle that is the toughest and most capable in the world. Opposite to him fits only Mercedes G class.

2019 Land Rover Defender

2019 Land Rover Defender Release Date

Promotion and marketing the new Defender is expected during 2016. However, this deadline was moved to 2018. The main reason for the delay of promotion are technical problems. In fact, there have been some safety problems and problems with emissions. In addition to these problems, there is the question of the design concept of the new model. The company wants to eliminate all shortcomings in order to new model be perfect and worthy successor to all the previous models. Introducing the new model will match up with the celebration of the 70th birthday of the first Defender SUV.

2019 Defender Redesign

The successor to Defender SUV arrives with an altered design and major changes in the structure of the vehicle. Specifically, for the construction of 2019 Land Rover Defender will be used aluminum. This will make the vehicle much easier. This will enhance fuel economy, but the vehicle will not lose firmness.

There were some indications that the design of the new model, to be inspired by the concepts presented earlier. Even in 2011, was presented several versions of the DC100 concept. However, the real fans of of this legends were not satisfied with such an idea. Recently appeared information that Jaguar Land Rover backed away from that idea. Official information on the layout of the new Defender is still missing. What is certain, the new Defender will be easier, safer, more manageable, faster and more economical compared to the still current model.

For now, the company has not announced the official specification of 2019 models. However, some sources indicate that the 2019 Land Rover Defender should take new Ingenium turbo diesel and petrol four-cylinder engine. In addition, the offer will include the petrol V6 powertrains. The offer will include automatic transmission with 9 degrees, as well as sports SVR variant that will take care of SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) Division.

We remind that during 2015, the company produced and two millionth Land Rover Defender model. Plan of the company is that 2019 Defender will produced in an edition of 100,000 copies annually. The model range will be very broad, to meet the different tastes of customers. The new model will be produced in several versions, two versions with 2 door version with 4 doors and a longer wheelbase, as well as pick-up with 2 or 4 doors.

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