Mercedes-Benz ELC Arrives in 2018

After renaming its SUV models, Mercedes-Benz continued the perfecting current and future development Crossover SUV models. By the end of 2018, the market will appear brand new model in this segment. The new crossover will carry a label Mercedes-Benz ELC and will be based on GLC SUV model.

Although the ELC is based on GLC model, these two models will vary by design. The design of vehicles will clearly point out the line of vehicles, which is characterized by exceptional aerodynamic properties.

Mercedes-Benz ELC Design and Specs

According to current knowledge, Mercedes-Benz GLC is just another in a series version of the new GLC SUVs. After the standard Mercedes GLC, was announced and its coupe version. Also, until the end of 2017, the market is also expected GLC Fuel Cell version. The latest project is the ELC model, which represents the GLC version with electric drive.

Sources close to the company, note that the GLC and future ELC share only some design solutions. The same sources claim that if these two cars have just the same roof of the vehicle and the glass surface. In all the rest, Mercedes-Benz ELC will vary from GLC models.

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC with electric drive

For now there are no concrete details regarding the technical specifications of the vehicle. One thing is certain, since ELC will be electric car with batteries and at least two electric motors. High capacity battery, will be housed in the floor assembly of the vehicle. According to current knowledge, combined propulsion system will deliver an output of 544 horsepower.

It is not stated how the capacity of the battery and how long it will last their filling. However, it was announced that vehicle owners have the possibility of wireless charging. The projected autonomy, Mercedes-Benz ELC is more than 400 kilometers.

Mercedes-Benz ELC Competition and Price

The company has not issued a statement about the possible price of the new model. However, the company points out that the Mercedes-Benz ELC to be extremely friendly vehicle for its price. As the biggest competitor to the Mercedes-Benz electric SUV, the future Audi Q6 emphasizes e-tron SUV.

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