Lexus Pickup Truck Arrives Until 2020

Toyota’s sub-brand Lexus, which is responsible for the production of luxury models, announced the news that will launch its pickup truck model. Lexus, which was created primarily for profit in the US market, for many years proved their class and quality. Lexus Pickup Truck model is a project of the future, which in the words of Product-planning project leader Toyota company Makoto Tanaka, is not a priority of this brand. Lexus is currently working on the development of new models in the crossover SUV segment. This is understandable, because this segment of the extraordinary expansion. Only after the implementation of these projects, the market can be expected pickup Lexus model. This should happen by the end of this decade.

For reasons which is known for its Lexus premium luxury models, this news has surprised many. However, the company has long been considered such a possibility. Although the pickup truck models designed primarily carrying heavy pulling jobs and cargo transport, we see that the market appears more and more attractive models in this segment, which has changed the basic purpose.

According to current knowledge, Lexus Pickup Truck will be a premium model. As is the case with other models of the brand, the pickup will feature a high level of equipment and enviable dose of luxury. The idea of this model is not new. Toyota long time plans to offer a luxury pickup model, under the auspices of the Lexus brand, but it never popped up to the forefront. However, after finding out that Mercedes-Benz offer their pickup truck model, and other car manufacturers, who have not experienced this type of models on offer, they are turning to these ideas. However, profit is the most important, a market pickup truck models is insatiable.

Lexus Pickup Truck

Lexus Pickup Truck Design and Specs

Original information regarding Lexus truck have suggested that it would be based on Toyota’s Tacoma and Tundra models. In this case, it would only be changed grille and placed Lexus logo. However, this information was refuted. Lexus wants to offer a unique pickup truck model, which will distinguish recognizable Lexus charm and a high level of luxury.

Lexus Pickup Truck is designed primarily to customers in the US market. This market is a paradise for manufacturers of this type of vehicle. On the other hand, the Lexus brand was also established to breakthrough Toyota’s model on this market. Lexus pickup will be based on the new generation Toyota Hilux pickup models. Although this model is designed for customers outside of North America, he has a lot of similarities with the Tacoma pickup, which is sold in the US market.

Toyota, or Lexus, have not given official notice of the specification of this model. A possible drive units, performance, design and luxury, which will offer the vehicle, only speculation. But, in accordance with the Lexus brand’s reputation, you should not expect anything less than what offered by other models in the Lexus lineup. It is certain that Lexus Pickup Truck, will be extremely vehicle, high-performance, with the latest technologies and systems and with excellent atmosphere and luxury that one vehicle can offer.

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