2019 Mercedes GLT Release Date

New generation Nissan NP300 Navara pickup model is very successful. As a confirmation of success is decision Mercedes-Benz the company to its future pickup truck model based on the new Navara model. The 2019 Mercedes GLT pickup got the green light to start production. Arrival in the market is expected by the end of 2018. Even earlier was the announcement that Mercedes plans to offer customers a pickup model. Even then appeared information about possible cooperation with Nissan company. However, to assume that the Mercedes pickup will be based on the new generation Nissan Titan models.

On NP300 Navara model will be based and Renault Alaskan pickup. By all indications, the Nissan company has done a great job advancing the new generation of its pickup models. These two models, together with the 2019 Mercedes GLT, will be built at Nissan’s plant’s in Spain and Argentina. According to some reports, these plants will produce slightly more than 200,000 copies of the three models.

2019 Mercedes GLT Design and Specs

Although all three models share the same platform and components, each manufacturer will design their vehicle. According to the standing of Mercedes-Benz company, has announced that the 2019 GLT, will be a luxury pickup. The vehicle will be constructed in the Double Cab version. Basically, the GLT will be commercial vehicle. Therefore, transportation and tractive effort pushed into the background. GLT will possess a modern design with a high degree of luxury. Luxury will be noticeable within the vehicle cabin, as well as on the external appearance of the vehicle.

2019 Mercedes GLT Pickup

Pickup model largest market is the US market. Accordingly, Mercedes will prepare GLT pickup according to the requirements and needs of local customers. This does not mean that the GLT pickup will not be offered in other world markets. Depending on the market where it will be represented, GLT will offer different powertrains. The palette will form a large number of petrol and diesel aggregates. Cooperation with Nissan company could have even greater impact on this model. The new Cummins diesel engine, which was introduced in the new generation Nissan Titan XD could be found under the hood GLT pickup models. 2019 Mercedes GLT will offer 6-speed manual transmission as standard, while optional is mentioned 7-speed automatic transmission. The new Mercedes will offer a pickup 4×2 version and 4×4 version.

2019 Mercedes GLT Competition

In the mid-size pickup truck segment is offered really great models. 2019 Mercedes GLT will have serious competitors in the Toyota Hilux (Tacoma on the US market), the VW Amarok, Ford Ranger and Nissan NP300 Navara (Frontier on the US market) models. Yet the company’s determination to offer an exceptional model, as well as reputation, excellent as a precondition that the project achieved real success.

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