2018 VW Golf SUV New Model in VW Lineup

Volkswagen will expand its offer with the 2018 VW Golf SUV model. Crossover SUV segment is a growing segment in the automotive industry. For this reason, we are witnessing constant expansion offers such models. About the latest information, Golf SUV will be shown at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. With him, Volkswagen will introduce an SUV model based on the Polo model, as well as the T-ROC SUV Concept.

2018 VW Golf SUV should hit the market by the end of 2017. In the SUV range of company, Golf SUV will take place between the Polo SUV, and Tiguan model. It is expected that in Geneva,  be introduced the concept, ie pre-production model.

2018 VW Golf SUV Specs

Previous information about the upcoming model suggest that it will be made at VW’s MQB platform. Compared to the standard VW Golf model, the SUV version will have elevated ground clearance and optional AWD. 2018 VW Golf SUV will be offered in several different versions. In addition to the standard version, will be available on the XL version with an extended wheelbase. This version is intended primarily to customers in the market of China. In addition, Volkswagen will offer the Golf SUV Coupe version. Coupe version is expected a year after the sale of the standard version.

2018 VW Golf SUV

Some sources claim that the VW Golf SUV will get its hybrid version, as well as the sporty version with the R mark. VW Golf R SUV was announced with engine that will deliver more than 300 horsepower output.

All versions of the 2018 VW Golf SUV models will possess a high level of equipment, with the most modern safety systems and driver assistance systems. Also, all versions will have an optional 4×4 drive, adaptive suspension, a new infotainment system and high quality materials for the interior.

Volkswagen has not officially announced possible aggregates for this model. In current experience, there is no doubt that they will find on offer a highly efficient and super economical diesel and petrol engines, the latest generation.

2018 VW Golf SUV Expected Price

2018 VW Golf SUV is designed as a direct competitor to the Mazda CX-3 crossover model. It is expected that the price of the standard model is around € 22,000, while the VW Golf SUV Coupe is expected to cost about 2,000 € more.

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