2018 Opel Insignia SUV New SUV on Market

Since the crossover SUV segment in exceptional expansion, each carmaker which holds up to itself, wants to develop and offer as many of these models. The same is the case with Opel. For now, Opel offers only one crossover, Mokka X. However, the company announced that it will be much richer offer, by the end of this decade. The first of the brand’s upcoming SUV will be the 2018 Opel Insignia SUV. After that, the market will appear a few crossover SUV models.

The latest creation of this manufacturer, is shown at 2016 Geneva Motor Show. This is the Opel Mokka X. Mokka X is the first in a series of crossover SUV models from Opel’s X line. Also, this model is an indication of a new design direction, by whom Opel will develop its future crossover SUV models. Opel has serious plans to its offer in this segment significantly expand and compete in all world markets.

2018 Opel Insignia SUV release date

2018 Opel Insignia SUV Specs

The future Insignia SUV will be based on the new generation sedan model of the same name. The difference is that the sedan model will be placed on GM’s E2XX platform, while the 2018 Opel Insignia SUV should be compiled on C1XX modular platform. On the same platform will be based a large number of crossover SUVs General Motors Company. This platform offers the possibility to vehicle configuration with a short wheelbase and long wheel base. In addition, the platform offers the possibility to vehicle configuration with a steering wheel on the left or the right side. This configuration suggests that since 2018 Opel Insignia SUV will be sold on the UK market and the market of Australia. Of course, in those markets will carry the logo Vauxhall, or Holden.

It is not yet announced whether the 2018 Opel Insignia SUV developed as a unique model, or will assign the components and powertrains with some other SUV models from the GM lineup. It is known that Opel Mokka X, Buick Encore and Chevy Trax have a lot in common, as well as many other models of other GM company. Some predictions are that it since Insignia SUV could be based on the Buick Enclave or Buick Envision SUV models. On the other hand, there is information that Opel explicit the intention that its new SUV is based solely on the new generation of Insignia sedan.

If the 2018 Opel Insignia SUV is based on the new Insignia sedan, expected to be very modern and technically advanced vehicle. The new generation Opel Insignia model arrives with the improved exterior design, high-quality interior materials, the roominess inside the cabin, and offering exceptional powertrain.

2018 Opel Insignia SUV Release Date

Though Opel has announced the expansion of range of crossover SUV models by the end of this decade, it was announced that the arrival of a new SUV model will be very rapid. The 2018 Opel Insignia SUV could be available already during 2017. The question remains whether the new Opel SUV, take the name of the Insignia SUV, or will only be based on it.

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