2018 Lincoln Navigator Next Generation

It is certain that the approaching arrival of a new generation of Lincoln Navigator SUV. In fact, this model is closely related to the Ford Expedition model, and represents its luxury version. As it was announced that the new generation Ford Expedition arrive redesigned with larger changes, the same is expected in 2018 Lincoln Navigator. The new Navigator will be representative of a new generation of models. Its appearance is expected during 2017. However, up to delay the arrival of the new generation can come, and this date should be taken with a grain of salt. If there is a delay, the new generation could take the name of the 2019 Lincoln Navigator.

Official information on the new model is still missing. All indications and speculation related to the announcement of the new generation 2018 Ford Expedition models. The great similarity of the two models and their future changes can not be doubted. The company has confirmed that it will be their development and promotion, run in parallel.

2018 Lincoln Navigator New-gen

2018 Lincoln Navigator Changes

The new 2018 Expedition will have a lot of similarities with the new generation Ford F-150 pickup. Many feared that it would lose its 2018 Navigator attitude and luxury, and it will turn into a truck-based SUV. However, this will not happen. The new Expedition and Navigator will assume a new aluminum body of the new F-150. This will be the most radical changes, which will ensure reduction of vehicle weight and thus will improve economic efficiency. The new 2018 Lincoln Navigator will retain the style and luxury that is characteristic of this model, as well as other models of the Lincoln brand. In addition to the aluminum body, the new model will get a massive new split-wing grille, rounded corners, aerodynamic design, new LED lights, etc.

Changes to the interior of the biggest Lincoln SUV were announced. The extent and amount of changes were not specified. Yet, we expect new benefits, premium materials and modern systems.

Many were skeptical when they were announced changes for the 2015 model. However, all current changes have raised the quality of vehicles and offer him a more modern look. Anticipated changes for 2018 model would lift the level of quality and luxury to an even higher level. With a better economy, a new model expect better performance.

2018 Navigator Specs

The current Navigator is much more economical than its predecessor. The old 5.4-liter V8 engine went into oblivion. He was replaced by a much more efficient 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. This V6 engine, provides the power and performance of the V8 engine (400 horsepower), with 22 hwy mpg. However, in this segment, there is room for improvement. It should be expected that the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will be offered with a new engine smaller volume. Reducing vehicle weight, which causes a new aluminum body shell opens this possibility. With the new structure, possibly a new engine, it is expected the new ten-speed automatic transmission.

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