2017 Subaru Tribeca Changes

The Subaru Tribeca is a mid-size crossover SUV, the Japanese car manufacturer Subaru. The name “Tribeca” derives from the TriBeCa, a residential and commercial section of southern Manhattan in New York City, noted for its factory lofts converted into apartments. Its name is derived from Tri angle Be low Ca nal Street. This model sold since 2005, on US market. Many expect that the 2017 Subaru Tribeca bring some changes and improvement. However, there is a big question whether something like that happen.

Subaru has ceased to produce Tribeca SUV in 2014. Since then the market were only available stocks of early produced vehicles . Cessation of production started an avalanche of questions and rumors about the successor. Many are the opinion that the 2017 Subaru Tribeca arrive promoted, with a complete redesign. However, Subaru has not confirmed these rumors.

2017 Subaru Tribeca Specs

Tribeca SUV was set up on a platform Subaru Legacy models. This decision was justified by the company by reducing the costs of production. This fantastic SUV, was produced in versions with five and seven seats.

2017 Subaru Tribeca redesign

It is true that in the Subaru lineup missing such a model. Demand for seven seat SUV models is more than good. In connection with this, Subaru has announced that it will begin to develop a new SUV model so configured. New Subaru seven seat SUV is not expected before 2018. He’s supposed to inherit the Subaru Tribeca. However, the company did not publish the name that will carry the new model.

Certainly, Subaru Tribeca 2017 or the new seven seat SUV, will help the company to achieve sales target of 700,000 vehicles per year. On the market of Japan is available a new sporty Subaru Exiga seven seat SUV. The company clearly announce that Exiga will be available on the US market. The new 2017 Subaru Tribeca, or his successor with a different name, will surely be offered exclusively to customers on the US market.

2017 Subaru Tribeca Engine

The current model runs 3.6-liter V6 engine. This engine is not the best solution for the new 2017 Subaru Tribeca. Bad fuel economy, imposes cause changes aggregates. As the main competitors in the new model, are impose Nissan Rogue, Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento. Comparing these models, the solution should be sought for a new powertrain offers the possibility with the 2017 Tribeca. As a possible solution, it imposes a 2.5-liter engine with CVT and AWD, which has seen the Subaru Crossover 7 Concept model.

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