2017 Nissan Kicks Release Date

They finally available official information for the new crossover model Nissan company. Specifically, the company announced that during the month of May 2016, will be the official promotion of the 2017 Nissan Kicks crossover. Sales will start in the second half of 2016, but only for customers in the market of South America. As previously announced, will later expand sales to other world markets.

2017 Nissan Kicks

At the Sao Paulo Motor Show, 2014, was presented the concept. It was immediately known if the vehicle is manufactured in Brazil, in the city of Resende. In this factory has invested nearly 200 million dollars, and created approximately 600 jobs. From this factory, 2017 Nissan Kicks will be exported to other markets.

2017 Nissan Kicks Design

This Nissan urban crossover is similar in size as well as the company’s Juke crossover. In the beginning there was a belief that Nissan has decided to offer a cheaper and “poor” version of the Juke model for less developed markets. However, the company’s decision to offer this model to all world markets, makes clear that this is a serious project.

2017 Nissan Kicks is 4300 mm long, 1,800 mm wide, while the vehicle height is 1,600 mm. With a wheelbase of 2,620 mm, Kicks is spacious and more functional than the Juke model, and therefore closer to the Qashqai SUV. For the design of the vehicle is credited Nissan Global Design Center in Japan, while the credit goes to the Nissan Design America (NDA) of San Diego in the United States and the Nissan Design America Rio (NDA-R) from Brazil, who have actively participated in the design of the new crossover .

2017 Nissan Kicks release date

The look of the vehicle was inspired by the design concept versions, and is expected to gain some details Nissan Kicks Samba concept, which is also presented as an inspiration to the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

2017 Nissan Kicks Specs

Version of the model for South America will possess a 1.6-liter engine in combination with a 4×2 wheel drive and CVT transmission. Nissan is expected to offer versions with 4×4 drive. Also, because of the intention to 2017 Nissan Kicks is sold globally, the company is expected to offer other options powertrain, according to the standards and requirements of specific markets.

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