2017 Mercedes MLC New Coupe SUV

Market SUV model has never been richer. Every day we are witnessing the expansion of this growing segment. Among the genuine SUV, small urban crossover, to ultra luxury SUVs, this segment is the most popular among customers. Predictions say that by 2020, more than half of the vehicles sold will be from this segment. Big car manufacturers are fighting for supremacy in the market, offering more advanced, more modern and more efficient models. A new wave of SUV Coupe models, offering innovative vehicles with unusual design. In this competition, the new BMW X6 and Audi Q6, will join the new Mercedes SUV. 2017 Mercedes MLC is expected in the second half of 2016. It will be based on the Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV, which was launched still in 2014.

2017 Mercedes MLC Design and Specs

Basically, 2017 Mercedes MLC, will resemble the BMW X6, from whom will borrow roofline. The vehicle will be based on the new generation ML series, will possess a distinctive front grille, unique Mercedes-Benz trademark. Production of the vehicle will take place on the territory of the United States, precisely at a plant in Alabama, in which the company invested about two billion USD.

The company’s decision to move in this project is a great success of the BMW X6 SUV. 2017 Mercedes MLC should reach approximate sales figures as well as the X6, and it is about 55,000 units sold annually. With the Mercedes MLC, the market is expected to rival the BMW’s X4.

2017 Mercedes MLC Sport

2017 MLC will offer an attractive design and a high level of equipment, with the most modern systems and technologies. Frankly, anything less is not even expected of Mercedes-Benz brand. It is expected additional cameras and sensors, sporty interior designed from premium materials, superb comfort and excellent performance. In addition, the vehicle will provide an adjustable suspension and a wide list of systems and functions for driver assistance and safety.

Powertrain will be taken from the ML series. This means that the 2017 Mercedes MLC run 4-cylinder diesel engine with 240 horsepower, and the V6 petrol and diesel engines.

MLC Mercedes SUV will be offered and in the AMG versions. 2017 Mercedes AMG MLC63 will get a V8 twin-turbo engine with 500 horsepower, while the 2017 Mercedes AMG MLC65 posses V12 engine. Later expected, and the version of the model with a hybrid powertrain.

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