2017 Honda BR-V New Crossover Arrives

Honda company has expanded its offer in the crossover SUV segment, the all-new model. 2017 Honda BR-V is a brand new crossover model, which is designed exclusively to customers in the market of Thailand. Just been held premiere of this vehicle in Thailand. The company announced that the offer BR-V SUV will be expanded to other markets. However, they did not express concrete details, when it will happen.

Honda’s CR-V and HR-V crossovers will join the BR-V. 2017 Honda BR-V has three rows of seats and is designed to transport seven passengers. In essence, the BR-V represents an extended version of HR-V model, which belongs to the B-SUV segment.

2017 Honda BR-V Specs

Larger wheelbase, compared to the Honda HR-V, provides greater spaciousness inside the vehicle cabin. Passengers on the second and third row seats have plenty of legroom. 2017 Honda BR-V is not designed 5 + 2, as well as some similar models. In these models, the last two seats are used for the transport of children. This model provides true seven seats to transport seven adults.

2017 Honda BR-V new crossover

Like most Honda models, the new generation, the 2017 Honda BR-V features a distinctive KODO design dictionary. The vehicle is characterized by extremely rich equipment and modern systems. The list of standard equipment is impressive, and emphasizes the large number of safety systems and functions. Exceptional comfort and fuel economy, it points out as a great selection of domestic vehicles.

Under the hood is the engine, which was borrowed from the Honda HR-V crossover. This is a 1.5-liter engine with 117 horsepower, which is combined with a CVT gearbox. In addition to the drive on petrol this engine can run and ethanol, or alcohol. These are additional benefits that make it an extremely efficient and cost effective maintenance.

By the end of 2016, it is expected that the 2017 Honda BR-V is offered with several different units. Thus, if the vehicle meet the criteria and requirements of customers in other world markets. When this happens, it is expected to offer and expand the market of Europe, Australia, South America, and perhaps the US market.

2017 Honda BR-V Price

The starting price for the 2017 Honda BR-V is around € 19,000. Maybe it was expected that the price to be a bit lower. However, Honda believes that the price is realistic given the level of equipment and facilities that the vehicle offers.

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