2017 Ford Super Chief The Most Avaited

Ford trademark of the company and the American way of life, are Ford F-Series pickup truck models. The desire to dominate in this segment, forcing US car makers to constantly improve their pickup models. Many of them, to expand its range with models that drive diesel generators. On the other hand, car makers are turning to the development of hybrid drive systems for their designs. The fact that Ford announced the F-Series models with hybrid drive, opens the possibility of final realization of the concept in 2006, called the Super Chief. Some rumors claim that the 2017 Ford Super Chief could be realized until the end of 2016.

Ford Super Chief is represented in the form of a concept, as a vehicle of the future. With its futuristic and unusual design concept was revived the topic of the legendary train Train of the Stars. The concept is based on the Ford F-250 pickup, with a base of aluminum and alternative motor fuels. Presentation of the Ford F-150 Atlas concept, and the arrival of a new generation F-150 with its aluminum body, supporting the hope of a final realization of the Super Chief concept.


2017 Ford Super Chief Design

Any serial 2017 Ford Super Chief truck is expected with the same dose of futuristic design and innovation, as well as the concept. The concept is made of aluminum. A striking front fascia design, reminiscent of the Santa Fe Railway locomotive. Confirmation of excellent design solutions of this concept is the Ford F-150 Atlas concept, which has taken of a great number of design solutions from the Super Chief. The end result is visible in the new generation F-150 pickup models. The same way they went the other models Ford F-Series.

In addition to aluminum body and design solutions, Super Chief, Atlas and the new F-150 and associated details of the interior. The cabin of the vehicle is similar to the serial and model Ford F-series King Ranch edition. No doubt, the arrival of 2017 Ford Super Chief is expected with impatience. Many believe that he would be the leader in the segment.

2017 Ford Super Chief Specs

Super Chief concept was presented with a special Tri-Flex Fuel system. This system involves the use of hydrogen or E85 ethanol as a motor fuel. Then the distant future, today an acceptable reality. Serial 2017 Ford Super Chief to assist in the mission of preserving the planet earth from harmful exhaust emissions.

If come to the realization of this project, it is expected that the serial model has the same powertrain as the concept. This means that the 2017 Ford Super Chief to hold 6.8-liter SOHC 30-valve V10 engine with 550 horsepower and 400 pounds feet of torque. The engine is able to use three types of fuel, gasoline, E85 ethanol and hydrogen. Using all fuels, 2017 Ford Super Chief would have autonomy of over 500 miles. The maximum vehicle speed is about 180 mph, and the use of hydrogen as a fuel increases fuel efficiency by 12%, compared to the use of gasoline.

2017 Ford Super Chief is eco-friendly pickup truck, and the market is more than ready for his arrival. As a leader in the pickup truck segment, Ford is “obliged” to treat the large number of interested parties, environmentally conscious customers, offering a production version of this vehicle.

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  1. John donofrio says:

    This is really Hot pickup! Love the shorter Windows . The future and the old school hot rod!!!

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