2017 BMW X1 Changes and Release

The new 2017 BMW X1 will hit the market in mid-2016. BMW has announced that the new model will offer new versions. One of them is the 2017 BMW X1 xDrive30e, which would represent a version of the hybrid drive system. Another novelty in the X1 offer will be extended model with three rows of seats or a place for 7 passengers. Finally, the offer will complement the BMW X1 M model.

2017 X1 Hybrid

Previously, appears information  that this model will carry the name of the 2017 BMW X1 xDrive30e. This model will combine turbo gasoline engine and electric motor. The petrol engine will run the front wheels, while the electric motor will be in charge of power transmission to the rear axle. It is estimated that the total power of the hybrid system will be more than 200 horsepower. Of these, 88 horsepower and 136 Nm electric motor will provide. Vehicle acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, will be less than 7 seconds and a top speed of around 210 km/h and CO2 emissions of less than 50 g/km. According to available information, the 2017 BMW X1 Hybrid will be available in a version with 5 seats, as well as an extended version with 7 seats. The estimated price for the BMW X1 Hybrid is around € 40,000.

2017 BMW X1

2017 X1 7 seat

Compared to the standard version with 5 seats, this model will have a larger wheelbase. Length of this model will be 100 mm longer than the standard model. And extended X1 will be set to UKL platform. The third row of seats, and two additional seats will be used solely for the transport of children. This model should be promoted at the beginning of 2016, while sales will start a little later. According to some information, this model should be labeled 2017 BMW X1 Grand. Other sources mention the name of the 2017 BMW X1 Li. The vehicle gets a revised look of the front bumper and sleek appearance of lights.

Sales of the new X1 with an extended wheelbase will start on the China market, and will later be found in other markets. For the Chinese market, this model will be available with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission. In addition to this engine, the car will get and petrol engines with 192 hp and 231 hp, and diesel generators with 190 hp and 231 hp.

2017 BMW X1 M

Customers who want a vehicle with more “horses”, greater equipment and sporty style, will be able to buy the version with M mark. And a version with M Sport Package is made on the UKL platform. Compared to the standard version, 2017 BMW X1 M provides a higher level of equipment and performance. The vehicle is lower than the standard model by 10 mm, thanks to the sports suspension. Thanks to said M Sport Package, this model is of higher quality than the standard model. This package includes aero body kit, high gloss frame glasses, revised front ‘kidneys’ and M Sport suspension. Aero body kit includes a specially designed front bumper with large air vents, rear bumper, wheel arches and side skirts. All of these additions are in the body color of the vehicle.

2017 BMW X1 M offers a choice of alloy wheels from 18 inches to 19 inches. M Sport Package also includes special amenities and extras in the vehicle. These are sports seats, M steering wheel, leather-covered, as well as the M sport pedals and shift knob. Compared to the standard M version will be more expensive for the 4,100 or € 5.200. So cost M Sport Package, and the price is different in relation to the choice of powertrain.

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