2016 Jeep Crew Chief Concept as New Wrangler Design Solution

2016 Jeep Crew Chief was presented at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Among the seven concept vehicles that are there proudly represented the Jeep brand, Crew Chief Concept is emphasized. The reason is because some elements of the vehicle will come to life through a new generation of Jeep Wrangler model. Unfortunately, which one, still is not known. The opinions are divided, but the anchor is certainly present in both sides.

At this event, the concept is named the Crew Chief 715. Model is based on the Jeep Wrangler Ultimate. For the first time, Jeep has introduced a pickup truck with a crew cab. This would mean that some new generation Wrangler models will have four doors. This is just an assumption, because the front of the vehicle, and the cabin, have some similarities with the current Jeep Wrangler truck.

2016 Jeep Crew Chief concept

2016 Jeep Crew Chief Design

2016 Jeep Crew Chief maybe brings some solutions as to the design Wrangler pickup. However, many innovations on these concepts are far from retro style that is the hallmark of the entire brand. Leaving some characteristics , but no new detail will not so easily replaced them.

Particular attention is drawn to the rear of the vehicle. It is at the 2016 Jeep Crew Chief totally different compared to all the so far version of pickup trucks of the brand. Shortly after the presentation of the concept is precisely that this particular element will be changed. The concept vehicle was set on wheels from 40”. Of course these wheels inherent military vehicles will not be part of the standard package nor optional equipment of the new Wrangler.

2016 Jeep Wrangler Crew Chief

The new generation Wrangler is expected with great impatience, and care. Its production should begin in 2017 in Toledo, Ohio. The vehicle will be targeted by 2018 model year. For this reason, because it is for a long time just talking about the possible appearance of the new 2018 Jeep pickup truck, every concept is well summarized. 2016 Jeep Crew Chief can not be and should not be carrying  model when it comes to design. About drive units, almost has nothing known.

All are aware that the market should expect significantly more efficient model than the current!

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